Multiplayer survival game, Scum now has playable female characters which were added in today’s Maneater update. The first iteration of women prisoners is slightly limited as compared to male characters, but they do have one thing in common between them.

The Developer of Scum, Gamepires explained: “Just like our male prisoners have a penis slider, our female prisoners have a breast slider. It works the same way for both.” Moreover, they also said: “At the moment there are still no tattoos on our ladies! Don’t panic, though, because we’re adding them ASAP, time wasn’t on our side, and we had to prioritize.”

Female Characters have three head variants, for now at least. However, the Developer also said: “also some really neat things we’d like you to discover by yourself; you’re on your own when it comes to finding it.” It seems like we have to play the game to find out what they have in store for us. There were a lot of improvements made in Maneater update including performance improvements that should cut down FPS drops on higher-end GPUs.

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