Sea of Thieves

The Aniversary update of Sea of thieves came out at the end of April with the addition of PvP arena mode, series of quests and fishing. Since the release of this game, a total of 8.4 million players have played it.

During E3 yesterday, Microsoft announced that unique Spartan ship Set based on Halo franchise is coming this week for free. Players will have to log in and play Sea of thieves between June 10-15 in order to receive the unique Spartan ship Set. The Official Twitter account of Sea of Thieves tweeted that the new items will be added to your account within 72 hours after once you played the game. This Spartan ship Set includes Halo-themed flags and sails and also a Master Chief figurehead for your ship.

The tweet from the Sea of thieves is given below.

You can get this amazing Spartan Ship Set until June 15, and this is absolutely free. So, you don’t want to miss this golden offer.

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