Well, it is time to relive some classic SEGA Games with nostalgic music. Here is a clip of a canceled SEGA game that was supposed to be set in Sonic The Hedgehog Universe.

This video and some metadata were published by SEGA on their website. According to them, their SEGA Technical Institute Artist Craig Stitt has been sharing some lost concepts. This concept was also pitched by him, and at first, it was called the Segapede but then later changed to Astropede. The gameplay looks really ok, and to be honest, back in the day it could have been very appreciated. Anyhow, I think that the character looks are too agressive and appearance seems scary at first glance.

“After the original pitch to the executives at SEGA America, they gave us the go ahead to make a playable version. Myself and Ken Rose went to work.You might recognize the art as being from Sonic 2’s lost “Hidden Palace Zone”. I figured since it didn’t get used in Sonic 2 I might as well use it here and save a lot of time.”

“I also reworked the basic lattice in the art to create the art for the background in the first Astropede video I posted here. In that case, I reworked the art significantly, but if you look you can see the underlying nature of the pattern is the same. I also used the art from HPZ as the foundational art for Sonic Spinball’s Toxic Pools level. (clearly, I really liked that little piece of artwork).” – Craig Stitt, a former artist at SEGA Technical Institute.”

If you look at it closely, he doesn’t always look angry, does he? Anyhow, it’s great to relive some older games and see what companies back in the day were up to. If it wasn’t for Sonic The Hedgehog, we would be seeing this masterpiece in action as well.


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