Capcom has decided to bring back some characters from previous games to the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. The Champion Edition includes almost 40 characters, with more than 200 hundred costumes. Previously, Capcom announced Gill from Street Fighter 3 when a new edition was announced, and now at Capcom Cup, they have released the trailer for Seth from Street Fighter 4.

Furthermore, we have a trailer that shows Seth fighting various players. Seth looks very buffed up with a variety of combos and powers. Moreover, we have 4 costumes along with default that will come with Seth. Most of them look good, but that summer costume looks crazy. We all know that Seth was created and programmed from worlds the best fighters, hence his power allows him to copy special moves from other fighters.

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Additionally, Seth does not have a gender, so you can call him anything you want. The trailer shows him being male sometimes, and other times he is female, the switch keeps happening. This is one reason why Capcom has decided to drop both female and male costume for him.

Seth will join Street Fighters V: Champion Edition on February 14.

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