Owing to a popular meme that blew up on the internet we were seeing petitions and speculations of Shaggy being added to the popular Mortal Kombat series. However, all such hopes were put to an end when an official statement was made by the Mortal Kombat franchise that made it clear that Shaggy would not be a part of the Mortal Kombat roster and despite the popularity of the petition from fans.

Keeping the fans’ interests above all else, a modder by the name of BeatzYT3 has brought the dreams of many fans to life. Bandai Namco’s JUMP FORCE is a highly anticipated and popular fighting game among fighting game and anime fans alike. After the release of the game there have been mixed reviews regarding how good of a game it really is. Since everyone wanted a “Shaggy” character in Mortal Kombat and the matter had officially been laid to rest, all of it is now possible thanks to the mod.

The mod helps “Shaggy” bring his moveset from Vegeta and having no facial expressions at all because of BeatzYT3 not having much experience in the particular matter of facial expression modification of the characters. The mod is more of a work-in-process and can be downloaded from gamebanana. This means that the mod will be accessible only by players on the PC platform since it needs to be manually installed into the game files.

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