Tiny houses, caravans, and trailers are a solution to many problems surrounding living issues. Sims 4 also acknowledged this issue by introducing Tiny Houses, which will have a huge impact on the game and here are the details

The trailer shows, Tiny houses providing most of the features, like huge lawn, with many additional bonuses. Furthermore, we can also see that the houses will feature 100 titles or fewer depending on the home built. Players will also face cheap bills because when comparing heat/cooling solutions to mansions, tiny houses are significantly cheaper. There are fewer electricity connections, fewer water taps, and many things that reduce the cost. Additionally, the game will be quite challenging to players, who are going to build small houses, utilizing these features like Murphy beds (pull-down beds) can be tough.

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Apart from this, the trailer awkwardly shows relationship gain due to tiny houses. This might look weird, however, it is true. The couples living in tiny houses are always close to each other, listening, talking, watching TV, cleaning, and almost doing everything together. This results in attractiveness and close relation to each other, thus the relationship gain. Further, the trailer also describes small and exotic features, that results in a comfort bonus. You can see a sim getting hammered by a bed, hopefully, he will be fine. Trailer wanted to show you that these little and exotic like utility can also be challenging, thus see your ability before building.

These all features will be included in a pack, which will further contain tiny stuff like small furniture, tiny clothes, and list goes on. It’ll be officially released on January 21.