If you are one of those people that use the Web version of Skype, then there’s a good news for you that Skype has many features to their Web version which were already available to desktop and mobile platforms.


  • HD Video Calling: The support for HD Video calling has been added to Skype for Web and it’s even available within group chat if both connections support it.
  • Recording Calls: You can now record calls on the Web version of Skype and it also works with group chats.
  • Notifications Panel: If you were away for a while, you can check what you have missed on Skype by clicking on the bell icon to see notifications panel. From here you can see reactions to your messages or mentions in group messages and you can jump to those messages by clicking on that notification.
  • Chat’s Media Gallery: Just like facebook messenger, now you can see what you have shared in the group by just clicking on the conversation’s media gallery button. This includes links, videos, and photos.
  • Find within Conversations: Now you can find the messages in the conversation more easier and faster than ever before!

Although those features were already available in the desktop client and Skype for mobile devices, you will now get a better experience if you are on a desktop which is restricted on Skype’s web version. However, the newest version of Skype web doesn’t work with Mozilla Firefox which is likely to be fixed with the next update of Mozilla Firefox, it is recommended to use the latest Google Chrome browser or Microsoft Edge for Skype’s latest web version to work within the browser.

If you want to access the preview you can try it here.