We heard about the death of TF2 Soldier and Star Fox voice actor Rick May. His death wept tears from millions of fans. Well, Valve has now released a new update on Team Fortress 2, which adds a tribute for Rick May. The voice actor for Soldier gets a statue in each map, and it reads “That was a hell of a campaign son!”

A new main menu theme is also added that will further give a tribute to the Soldier voice actor.

Rick May, well known for his works as a voice actor in Team Fortress 2, Star Fox 64, Freddi Fish 5, Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, and Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition has died. Rick May worked as a teacher in Rekindle School, which focuses on Independent Art and Acting. It is based in Seattle Washington.

Apart from Games, he also worked notoriously in over 300 shows, that included Death of Salesman, The Odd Couple, A funny thing happened on the way to the forum, Fiddler on the roof, and Cotton Patch Gospel.

Growing number of deaths in Gaming Industry

In April, we saw a growing number of deaths in the gaming industry. We first heard about the TF2 Soldier and Star Fox voice actor Rick May, who died from COVID-19. On April 19th We heard about the Days Gone Voice Actor behind Daecon, who had a heart attack. And similarly, the great John Conway, inventor of Game of Life also passed away due to COVID-19. The last particular death involved Paul Haddad, who was the voice actor of Resident Evil 2’s Leon S. Kennedy.

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