This year is turning out to be quite the year for CGI characters coming to life such as Pikachu and now recently the widely popular Sonic the Hedgehog in the newly released trailer.

Although this is pretty exciting news for OG gamers that have spent their golden childhood days playing from SEGA that involve the global phenomenon that is Sonic, some fans seemed to be a tad bit disappointed.

There seemed to be a rather common basis of criticism around the trailer and it all involved Sonic and how the character had been designed and presented in the trailer. Plenty of fans may agree that it just did not seem right and did not hit us in the gut with a bucket full of nostalgia like it did when we all saw the Detective Pikachu trailer.

Following the criticism, Jeff Fowler, the Director responded to it by a tweet of his own :

This probably is a historic CGI recreation with many feelings and childhood memories attached to the character and it is very important that it does not go wrong in any way in the way that Sonic is supposed to look. It seemed as if some fans did a pretty amazing job at designing Sonic than the original artists over at Paramount did! Here is an example set out by Twitter user @EdwardPun1

Hopefully we can see the redesigned Sonic actually look like the character that we have loved all of our childhood and would absolutely love to see in a CGI movie!

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