Delta Air Cargo gave an Interview to Chinese Site Calxin, In which they mentioned that PlayStation 5 consoles are being shipped through them to the US. According to the Airline, Sony has so far booked 60 flights, that will ensure PlayStation 5 is speedily delivered.

From the info, it seems that Sony is highly confident that the Air Shipping costs won’t haunt them, because of the huge demand. Usually, Air shipping is very expensive In comparison to Sea Freight. The difference is also time, with Air, goods are delivered very fast.

Sony might have contacted Sea Shippers and asked them if they could deliver PlayStation 5 within this holiday. I’m pretty sure, they would have answered no, thus they went with Air Shipping. Analyst Daniel Ahmed first came up with this news and said that he wasn’t sure If these were 60 flights or 60 aircraft. The majority of the flights are for the US, and something similar for Europe will also be done.

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