Soulja Boy Fuze

Soulja Boy recently released three gaming consoles which later on were exposed to be counterfeit gaming consoles imported from overseas and sold at a higher price. Later on, Nintendo threatened to sue Soulja Boy because the gaming consoles he sold had preloaded Nintendo ROMS in them. At first, Soulja Boy didn’t care about Nintendo threatening to sue and tweeted various offensive things to Nintendo such as “Nintendo ain’t gonna do s***”. So, he later on backpedaled and discontinued the consoles from his store. These consoles consisted of a SouljaGame, SouljaBoy Fuze, and a handheld. SouljaGame and Handheld

If Soulja Boy hadn’t removed the gaming consoles from the store and he was convicted with the Trademark Counterfeiting Act, he would have faced up to ten years of prison. The consoles weren’t even good because they were cheap counterfeit emulators and their performance was super bad.

Yesterday he tweeted the following statement.

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