Spellbreak is an upcoming battle royale developed by Proletariat. As any other battle royale game, you spawn with nothing, and you have to loot. However, there is no building, and you don’t get any weapons. Instead, you get a different gauntlet for each class, and each gauntlet has its own unique magic spells. You may ask “Do you get armor?”, The answer to that is yes; you do but, armor in this game is more like a passive ability. Spellbreak is a game that grants you a lot of versatility; you can change your class each time the circle gets smaller. Also, players can combine the different magic spells, such as igniting the poison with fire makes a massive explosion. There are nine different elements in the game, which you have to master to become the ultimate mage. Along with gauntlets, runes are also something in the game. If you trigger them, you can get other superpowers such as super jump, invincibility, and plenty others.

In Spellbreak you can use your environment to your advantage over your opponents. For instance, a freeze gauntlet can not only be used to attack your enemies but can also be used to freeze the ground and slide on it for faster movement.

Overall, the game has a unique concept, it looks incredible, and it has a lot of potential. The good thing is that anyone can play the game if you are not a hardcore fps shooter, it’s not a problem because you don’t need to have extraordinary aiming abilities to play this game. Though, it’s not the cup of tea for players who don’t like MMOs.

You can check out the gameplay below. However, keep in mind that it’s in Pre-Alpha right now.