As we know, That PlayStation is best for its exclusives and they know how to make a masterpiece. Yesterday, Sony launched the release date of Spider-Man (Sony exclusive) and along with the release date, we have come to know about some deep details about the game. Today I will try to discuss some details of the game.

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Everyone got excited after the teaser which was released yesterday which typically shows the release date of the Game. The teaser didn’t show much about the Game like its mechanics and dynamics etc. But after the recent interview with its Creative Director, we have come to know about the big bummer of the game, Creative’s Director says the game will be locked at 30fps. The director also said that it is because of the larger size (larger than their last game: Sunset Override) it is difficult to handle higher frame rate. On the other hand, he also said that PS4 Pro will not be left empty-handed Of course, there will some betterment of graphics on premium consoles.

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The good news is that there will be no Microtransactions. When he was asked about the Microtransactions in the game he totally refused and said that the game is free of these things.

Sony already got some of the great awards in game developing and this time they also promise for a great game, there is a good chance that this will be hit for them hopefully, obviously, 30fps is a disappointment for the PS4 pro users but if they actually deliver the great experience, then it will probably be forgotten.

Spider-Man will be released on PS4 and PS4 Pro on 7th September exclusively.