Spider-Man: Miles Morales set to release later this year has just gotten some more updates. The game from Insomniac Games will run at 4K / 60 FPS on Performance Mode. In a tweet, Insomniac Games wrote “Swing through the city like never before on PS5 with an optional 4K / 60fps Performance Mode.”

Now it all sounds really nice and fun that Spider-Man: Miles Morales will run on 4K/60FPS, however people are missing the fact that it says Performance Mode. We know for a fact that performance mode is usually the type of tier, in which visuals are significantly compromised for better frame rates. Perhaps, this means that Ray Tracing will be disabled or many other graphics settings.

Suppose, the game Graphics are still Medium or Low, and the resolution is 4K. I think it is still a decent trade-off because games on 4K are absolutely ridiculous and awesome. On top of that 60+ FPS adds the smoothness, and anyone could be really happy playing the game in such settings. We will have to dig in with what they mean by Performance Mode. I cannot wait to jump around the buildings in New York while playing on 4K Resolution.

Anyhow, if you don’t know what the game is about. Well, it starts with Miles, who is on his way to save the city from terrible criminals. The game is more of an upgrade over the previous Spider-Man game, as this one has a lot of similar things, but just the story is quite different.

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