Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen extends to be in the production. Alpha 3.2.0 begun to roll out in July earlier this year, and now 3.3.0 is near to being in the controls of players enthusiastic to live with a few bugs.

A few days ago Cloud Imperium Games’ (CIG) once-a-year CitizenCon event took place where it delivered viewers and attendees a taste of what’s to come with Alpha 3.3.0 – or sort of.

Hurston, the planet showed in the demo, is the game’s primary traversable planet, and it won’t be the division of the 3.3.0 patch when it goes live soon within the next two weeks. Alternatively, it will be showing up with an incremental patch. Although specifics aren’t very clear at the moment, that patch is cataloged to arrive before the end of the year.

CIG also published a trailer for their Squadron 42 single-player campaign today that is being developed besides Star Citizen. Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, Mark Hamill, Andy Serkis, Mark Strong, Liam Cunningham, Rhona Mitra, and Ben Mendelsohn are some of the AAA-stars we get an impression of; Henry Cavill also makes a wonderful presentation, as his involvement in the project wasn’t known until today. Cavill and Hamill have also published some media on Instagram and Twitter in the joy of the game.

Intuition, though, will remain to be just that; a release date for Squadron 42 or Star Citizen still prevails unknown, though, Chris Roberts did say on stage during one of the events that CIG “will publish the full roadmap to Squadron 42’s release in December.”

The Star Citizen project has garnered a tremendous $195 million as of today, and that number continues to grow. If you wish to support the development of the game, a $45 pledge gives you access to Star Citizen – the multiplayer universe – as it is being developed, while pledging $65 will bundle Squadron 42 as well, though that’s not available to play just yet.