Sleeping Dogs is shuddering off slumber to mark its debut movie.

Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping Dogs all set to gore through the cinema.

The game revolves around Wei Shen, an undercover police officer. Wei Shen is given an assignment to infiltrate the notorious Sun On Yee. He has to unwind the Triad’s web of crime all over Hong Kong. However, with time he forms deep bonds with the people he’s supposed to expose. Resultingly, he is left distraught in the conflicts of his own mind, hanging between his duty and the people he has become extremely close to.

Wei Shen
When you clean up filth, you have to get your hands dirty.


The eminent action-adventure had made headlines in 2017 regarding their cinematic debut. The adaption team was keen on casting Donnie Yen to play the protagonist. Donnie Yen is renowned for his iconic portrayal of Ip Man, martial artist, and mentor of Bruce Lee. He also starred in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, playing the role of Chirrut Imwe.

Donnie Yen portraying Chirrut Imwe in Star Wars prequel.

Donnie Yen affirms Sleeping Dogs Movie in progress.

Recently, Donnie Yen stamped confirmation on the news of the Sleeping Dogs adaptation. He posted a picture on his Instagram account which showed him acting up as Wei Shen. He also posted additional images of him mimicking the shots from the game. The actor related to his waiting fans and quoted: “Sometimes great things take a bit of time. Sleeping Dog is motion, you guys ready for this?”


Although the veteran actor is set to play an undercover cop, it isn’t been confirmed yet whether that character will be Wei Shen or not. But it will be amazing to see him play in this intricate and complex story. The fans are excited to see Sleeping Dogs sniff out the film industry.