We were celebrating Epic Games progress, and I also talked about Steam not releasing their current earnings. Well, Someone else has spotted Steam’s latest progress. Today, there were 18.8 million players online. This means that their numbers have increased by 300K since the previous record was 18.5 million. Steam Database on Twitter is a popular source of news related to Steam. We know this because all their sales predictions have been true.

Furthermore, Steam Database also indicates that there were 2 million fewer players (5.8m) vs (7.8m), from two years ago. Well, this does not mean that records are fake or anything, it could only mean that, there were fewer players playing the game in that current time. We know that most of the Steam users are from Asia and West, hence, maybe the time stats were taken, it was bedtime for gamers around the globe.

Well, Epic Games reported how much their stats and player base went up. Their main strategy was free giveaways, exclusives, and Fortnite. Steam, on the other hand, is still #1 when it comes to game stores. Additionally, Steam has also expanded this year with massive changes, new games, and incredible discounts. They also did huge marketing in China, which resulted in Chinese being Steam’s most popular language.

The biggest news was perhaps, EA & Steam joining hands, and Steam got the rights to publish some of their new games. Furthermore, Steam is also now trying to expand their store to new devices like Chromebooks. I’m quite happy seeing these results because it’ll only make Epic Games more hungry. The rivalry like I said previously is always beneficial for gamers, because then one bad step from either Steam or Epic Games, could give advantage to others. This way, they cannot do stupid things resulting in the best the best possible service.

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