A couple of days ago Steam broke its previous record of 19 million players in just a week. The Game store had 20 million users online, which was quite shocking. People related that peak to Coronavirus as everyone is staying home.

Today, Steam has broken its previous record of 20 million players in just 2 days. According to a report by Steam, 22,678,529 users were online around 15:00 GMT: Mid-morning for the United States, afternoon in UK, and night in China. Furthermore, these were just online users, the in-game record is not broken yet, which is around 7 million. The most played game yesterday was CS:GO, Dota 2, and Football Manager 2020.


Considering how fast it broke its previous record, Steam will definitely set a better record in coming weeks. The Coronavirus outbreak has forced everyone to stay home, and people are likely to play games. Additionally, new titles like Doom Eternal and Half-Life: Alyx were released that has attracted a huge audience unto Steam. I wonder if the EU and other reforms will do anything about this massive traffic on Steam. We previously heard that Netflix will reduce its video quality by 25% because the European Union says their Usage during this pandemic is too high. This could cause disruption to the Internet.

Lastly, this sort of user record only makes Steam better when comparing with Epic Games. Steam founder and CEO Gabe Newell thinks this competition is healthy.

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