Well the VR revival is definitely true. We saw the rising Valve Index VR Headset going out of stock every month. It primarily went out of stock for longer times, because Valve did not expect such insane demand. Similarly, today Valve updated their Steam charts after hardware survey which is going to further support the VR revival.


1 million users own VR Headset
The results from the survey showed that 1.29 percent of Steam users owned a VR Headset. Considering 1.29 percent from a total of 90 million active users, we can imagine more than 1 million own a VR headset. The users indicated at 90 million were gathered in April 2019, I’m pretty sure it might have crossed to more than 100 million now.
The survey was 99% accurate
Valve was very good and specific on there survey. Unlike their previous methods, where they did sort of polling, this time they simply detected VR Kits connected to PC. Afterward, they gathered data from thousands of users. You might be wondering what about those who disconnected their VR Headsets? well, they were counted as well. This data was collected from March 1 to April.

Top Headsets?
The report compiled by UploadVR also shared the top demanding headsets. Oculus Rift without a doubt was on top with 27.03%, followed by Oculus Rift S at 26.65%, and then HTC Vive edging at 26.25%. The rest from Windows Mixed Reality to Huawei VR2 were way behind to the big guns.

Furthermore, there is Oculus Quest also involved, which is connected via Virtual Desktop. Well, the survey also tracked wireless headsets. Similarly, the drivers for the Primax 5K plus adds up PlayStation VR as well.

Why these numbers can increase?
Lastly, Steam has been growing rapidly in the past few weeks. We saw an incredible rise after Coronavirus Pandemic allowed everyone to stay home. The game store broke 3 user count records in just a few days. It has now more than 22 million users online on average.
Lastly, I wonder these results could further increase considering Half-Life: Alyx is yet to get its exposure. The Coronavirus outbreak does not allow most companies like Valve to restock their headsets. People are yet to buy this game along with a VR headset. It is very well rated, with time the user count could only increase.

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