A popular Twitter account called Steam Database which is known for its news regarding Steam leaks recently tweeted that Valve is working on “Steam Cloud Gaming” similar to Stadia. Google Stadia is a next-generation Gaming device, which will run games at 4K 60Fps through Google Servers. The Stadia can be run on any device, and you only need fast internet. You can read about Google Stadia Here.

Steam Database noticed code on Valve’s website which asked Steam partners to agree to the “Steam Cloud Gaming Addendum”. The Code is visible to public as well, you can check it on Steam Database Github or Valve Website.

This means that Steam is trying to launch one of its gaming services. Apart from Steam Client, the Cloud Gaming Service which has set the new trend might be in Steam’s interest. What we can possibly guess from the Code is that maybe Steam is asking its publishers to agree on the term, that they will publish their games on Steam’s new Cloud gaming service.

Steam already has Remote Play, Steam Link, and Steam Link Anywhere, however, each of these services require some sort of Hardware and PC. The Stadia sort of Cloud Gaming Service only requires a controller and Stadia device. They both cost around $120 which is cheap. Steam already has a lot of games available for users, and they might just use their access to these games for the upcoming Cloud Gaming Service.

At the moment there is no confirmation on this news, however, Steam Database most leaks are accurate. Most recently, they leaked about Steam sales date, and they actually were 100% Accurate. Google Stadia has already made a huge advancement in the Gaming Industry, and set a new trend. Steam might be considering their chances if they are thinking of making something better than Stadia and Microsoft’s XCloud.

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