The recent Steam sale was a looting zone, I could not stop myself from buying more games. This is that time of year, where Winter sales happen, and Steam also has some updates.

Valve has confirmed that Steam Winter Sale will start at 6pm GMT/10 AM PST.
Update: It has already started, and there are many awesome discounts around the corner.

There is a massive discount on some titles. Take a look at my list
Doom Franchise – 70% Off
Darksiders Franchise – 80% Off
Mortal Kombat – 75% off
Bioshock – 75% off
Farming Simulator Franchise – 50% Off
Borderlands Franchise – 94% Off
Call of Duty Franchise 75% Off
X Franchise 65% Off
Wolfenstein – 70% off
Final Fantasy Franchise – 50% off
Street Fighter Franchise – 75% Off
Sherlock Holmes Franchise 80% Off

These are variety of high discounts I gathered, take a look at the Steam page and see what you can find. Furthermore, Star Wars and the Assassins Creed Franchise are 75% off! Buy your favorite title before the sale ends, because these are the best Steam discounts throughout the year.