Previously, Agony has made hype in the list of the darkest games, was under development with some brutal and vicious gameplay footages portraited by Madmind studios. The game is prepared and powered by using Unreal Engine 4. Unlike Id tech 6 engine used in the making of Doom 2016, the Unreal Engine 4 promises better rendering and post processors as the game was focused to give players some thriller creeps in the realm of hell!

In the story trailer of Agony, the whole scenario is B&W and showcased some demonic rituals and the deepest perspectives of the dark side or better called THE HELL. The main character is an escapist which was stuck in wrong and the grimy realm of nowhere and we can say it’s a survival game and by spectating everything, we find that everything going on is beneath the core of normal atmosphere, and that’s exactly what the game’s theme referring to.

Saying all that, one thing is sure that Agony would be rated as AO (Adults Only) if Madmind studios show persistence in what they portraited in story trailer which was totally beyond M (Mature) proving that consoles might not get a release for this game. Either this game aims for ribs shaking gameplay for impression or messing up its audience and purchasers across the platform tree.

Agony is queued to launch on May 29 with an “Open challenge system” along with Story mode. The Open challenge system randomly generates levels thus makes it a “Must have guts” game to try!