Surgeon Simulator 2 Trailer announced

One of the best Simulator Games is about to get a sequel. Developed and published by Bossa Studios, Surgeon Simulator rose to fame after many popular YouTubers streamed it. There were a lot of GIFs and memes afterward, which made it even more popular.

The Announcement Trailer follows an inanimate object (later revealed to be Bob’s severed head), as it makes its way through the confines of a mysterious medical facility via the building’s various rigs and contraptions, including conveyor belts, bowling alleys, and um… high-speed laundry carts. Surgery will, of course, remain at the heart of the experience, but as the trailer suggests, Surgeon Simulator 2 will be a vastly expanded offering promising true co-operation, at the very least.

Today, the Surgeon Simulator YouTube channel dropped the trailer for new Surgeon Simulator 2. From the story, you can clearly see that there is a story involved. What has Chess and Bowling to do with the Surgeon game?. Apart from this, the official Surgeon Simulator website shows that their new game will have a co-op, which might support up to 4 players.