Vivaldi might not be a household name to everyone, but it’s the first to incorporate Razer Chroma lighting with its browser. The browser itself doesn’t change colors like a Razer keyboard, but rather syncs colors from websites you visit in Vivaldi to your keyboard, mouse, and other Chroma enabled peripherals of your choice.

This is definitely a step ahead to RGB fans and a good feather in the hat for Razer Fans. Definitely it is something new to see and this means a lot to those who seek gimmicks with performance. Razer is known for their best chroma sync among other peripherals and games.

One caveat to that is you must have Razer Synapse installed, running in the background, and have Chroma Apps turned on, otherwise it won’t work. But, if you already have Synapse installed, then the entire set-up process only takes several seconds.

While it sounds like an unusual partnership, Vivaldi isn’t a stranger to releasing unconventional features for web browsers. Back in 2016, it teamed up with Philips to add the capability to — and this will sound familiar — switch up Hue lights’ colors based on the website you’re visiting.

How does it work

The colors on your Razer peripherals will change to a static color, regardless of what effect you’ve selected. But once you close the browser, your peripherals will revert back to your active profile. So, if you are an RGB enthusiast, you might consider giving Vivaldi a try; it’s fully compatible with any PC running Windows. The browser includes some other interesting features as well, like the ability to hibernate tabs to save memory, view multiple sites in a single tab, and watch HTML5 videos in a floating window while browsing. You can even post to Instagram from Vivaldi to further personalise your experience.

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