Well if you think that the upcoming NBA 2k21 will be expensive, here is a possible explanation of why. In a meeting, the company announced immense revenue and its CEO Strauss Zelnick talked about the prices. According to him, the prices of the games were never increased in a long time, while costs were always increasing.

He said that the prices are now being increased because they were long overdue. Zelnick told investors that apart from the prices, they are working hard making extra-ordinary games and providing many many hours of entertainment.

“I would just observe there hasn’t been a frontline price increase for a very long time although costs have increased significantly,” Zelnick told investors.

“But most importantly we believe we’re delivering the highest-quality titles in the business and consumers are staying more engaged than ever. Games have extraordinary playability and replayability and they offer many, many hours of entertainment. We think it’s a great value. It does rely on our continuing to deliver amazing experiences and that’s our strategy and our goal.”

Other than this, he also talked with Games Industry and said that his statement does not speak for the entire games industry. His statements are somehow right, as Take-Two is the only company charging $70 for the games. Right now, Ubisoft would come second as they have recently announced its 2020 games would cost nearly $60.

Fans are of course not happy seeing the price of their upcoming NBA game. Most of them have also argued, that the NBA Games were never great and they do not deserve the $70 price tag at least. Considering the increase in the price, the expectations will also increase, and Take-Two should make sure the game is worth it.

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