This is a year of foldable smartphones, with the storm of leaks already revealing the prototypes and concept ideas of various companies, some brands are yet to unveil their foldable phones in the upcoming mega event being conducted next week: Mobile World Congress. No manufacturer has yet brought up a fully functioning foldable phone with a practical implementation of it, though the idea is not a new one. The latest company to join this year’s major trend is TCL.

According to reports by CNET, while citing renders and patents of the company, a family of foldable smartphones is being worked on by TCL. Apart from its own brand, TCL also builds phones under Alcatel and BlackBerry Mobile brands.

It is said that the company is not only working on foldable smartphones as most are currently but it is working on 5 flexible display devices to be exact! The devices include two tablets, two smartphones and most catchy of all- a flexible phone which has the capability to bend into a smartwatch! Does it seem like TCL is actually leaving behind pre-existing concept ideas for foldable phones though?

Maybe not! Because the concept of a foldable phone that can bend around your wrist like a bracelet is similar to the one that Lenovo in 2016 presented. The representative of TCL told CNET that the first ever foldable device by the company is to be released next though the production of the devices is expected currently.

As reported, TCL is working on a tablet which resembles the Royole FlexPai and folds similarly as well. The two smartphone variants bend like conventional flip flop phones that are being worked on by TCL. The report revelation by TCL does not give away anything significant regarding the functionality or specs of these devices as the report is completely based on renders and patent images of the company.

In order to create a new hype in the smartphone industry, foldable phones are a catchy new idea which is going at a great pace for execution. Their own versions of foldable smartphones have been teased by Xiaomi and Samsung whereas patent for a foldable phone has been filed by Apple in the form of concept idea sketches. Energizer, Nubia, and Huawei are expected to launch their foldable smartphones in the mega event the MWC next week whereas it is expected that Intel is also working on a 3-display foldable phone.

Soon the dynamic of the smartphone industry is about to shift! Keep up with the news!