TEAMGROUP has just launched a new series of Flash drives and storage devices. The Compact series features the C185 and C186 that has a capless design and compact form factor for ease of use. What catches the eye is the Tool series T183 that not only serves as a flash drive but has some practical features that can be used thanks to its innovative design. The features include a bottle opener, a ruler for measurements and high-speed storage performance so it is not left back in any way on its primary objectives either.


T183 Wins 2 Awards

Since the inception of the Tool T183 Flash drive, it has won the 2018 COMPUTEX d&i award and the Taiwan Excellence Awards. The practicality and range of features it offers other than just storage is what makes this drive stand out. The T183 serves as a ruler, pocket knife, keychain, in a one-piece design with no removable or detachable parts that can be misplaced or lost. The T183 is constructed using Zinc alloy forging and offers an array of protection features by being waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof. The T183 seems like an interesting choice and a practical one as well with its added features and can serve as more than just a flash drive in workstations and homes alike.

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