Tencent Games which is the big brain behind Riot Games and Epic Games seems to be on the Trump Government Radar. In an article by Bloomberg, the Trump Government has reportedly asked all companies owned by Tencent to share their security protocols. Among these companies are Epic Games and Riot. Tencent has 40% of Epic Shares, while the majority of Riot is owned by the Chinese mega-giant Tech Company.

The Trump administration is consistently forcing Chinese apps to shut down. In most cases, they are arranging third party deals to get rid of the Chinese Administration behind them. Most of the reports associated behind the closure of these apps are that the Chinese Apps are connected with the Communist Party. The apps gather User Info and then transfer it back to China, which is the violation of personal data.

In recent News, TikTok and WeChat are now facing potential bans. Blizzard was also in the discussions to why it had banned the Hearthstone player Blitzchung. The ban of the player who said “liberate Hongkong”, caused massive riots, and Blizzard was criticized for not allowing the Hong Kong player to speak for his freedom.

Bloomberg reports that “Representatives for the companies declined to comment or didn’t immediately respond. The Treasury Department declined to comment.”

Tencent Games is a Chinese multi-billion tech and the biggest gaming company in the world. The company has a yearly revenue of 377.3 billion CNY.

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