As E3 is over now, and the hype of the most anticipated is almost over as well. It’s time to ramp up the hype again and gather all of the most anticipated titles of E3 2018 in one place; here are the 10 most anticipated games of E3

1. Anthem (EA; PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Anthem is the most anticipated game of 2018 at the moment, the feel of the game lies between destiny, the division, and the Mass Effect, it’s a mix of a lot of favored games hence that is why it is the most anticipated game of this year’s E3. Anthem is full of aliens, high-end landscapes packed with jetpacks. However, Anthem is delayed until early 2019. We’re expecting the game to be extremely good and optimized for all of the platforms.

2. Cyberpunk 2077 (CD Projekt; PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the oldest and the most outstanding game at the moment, the game has been in development for a long time now hence being old, and with the new teaser which was released in E3 2018 makes it very clear the game is going to be one hell of a wild ride, you’re going to play as V, a loner agent in the Night City of California. The game will include various criminal and a highly decked up surrounding. Everyone is waiting for Cyberpunk 2077, it’s only a matter of time we’ll be seeing more of the game.

3. Battlefield V (EA; PC, PS4, Xbox One)

EA Dice was teasing everyone even before E3 and they are back again with their military shooter series to the second world war after last year’s well-received first world war outing. The Battlefield V looks promising with new multiplayer modes, redesigned weapons modeling, and futuristic graphics. There is a lot more to this game than the sorry “controversy” surrounding its use of female soldiers.

4. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (Ubisoft; PC, PS4, Xbox One)

At previous E3 events, a new Assasin’s Creed game got leaked, the game is set in ancient Egypt and is headed for Greece next. This is a great news for all of the gamers because everyone loves to play Assasin’s Creed games.

5. Death Stranding (Sony; PS4)

People are still raising questions over Death Stranding’s genre, This is Hideo Kojima’s first visionary project which takes on the action-adventure genre. With actors Mads Mikkelsen and Norman Reedus on board and some astonishing visual displays, the spiritual story of life, death, rebirth and probably stealth combat are at least going to be more unusual on the show floor.

6. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 (Ubisoft; PC, PS4, Xbox One)

After the great success of The Divison 1, everyone is waiting for The Division 2 eagerly, The Division is going to be the sequel of its previous part that ventures out of Manhattan and brings together all of the game improvements that the developers have made to the original over the years, which is going to be amazing indeed.

7. Fallout 76 (Bethesda; PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Bethesda has just announced the teaser of the Fallout 76, which looks promising enough. Fallout games never fail to impress. There’s not much to talk about this one. But all we can say at this moment that people love Fallout and Fallout 76 is going to be the best of the best.

8. The Last of Us Part 2 (Sony; PS4)

Since First Last Of Us, there have been a lot of post-apocalyptic zombie-themed titles, but none of them was good enough to secure the place of it in people’s hearts. In the new Last Of US 2, the two leads, Ellie and Joel are joined by a new playable character to further continue their story. The trailers have hinted that the game is going to be more violent but we’ll have to confirm that in the future.

9. Pokémon Let’s Go (Nintendo; Switch)

A new and fresh face of Pokemon Yellow that connects to Pokemon Go, Pokemon Let’s Go is a new kind of pokemon game that everyone is curious to find out more about. The game is set in the world of the Original Pokemon games, Kanto, It’s a nostalgic themed game especially to the people who played the 2000 originals and now want to play the revamped version of it.