Buying a Mouse :

A regular person who uses a computer spends almost 2-6 hours everyday holding the mouse, making it one of the necessities. A gaming mouse is a lot better in terms of comfort and performance in this matter. It’s normally a good idea to research the mouse before you are buying and the things you should generally check before buying a mouse are as following :


Wireless or Wired :

If you are thinking to get a wireless mouse, they come with a wireless receiver that goes in the USB port. Nowadays, the performance of gaming mouse has been really increased and there’s no noticeable delay which a human can tell between wired and wireless mouse. It all comes down to personal preference. You won’t get your mouse tangled with cord and there would be no need of a mouse bungee.  But you risk the trouble of getting your mouse shut down during a gaming session. Many wireless mice come with a charging dock so you don’t have to worry about buying AAA batteries. Other mice may come with a high performance/ low-performance mode to preserve power.


Optical or Laser :

Mice work by tracking dots per inch (dpi). A laser mouse can generally track more than 2000 dpi and it goes same for an optical mouse. However, don’t pay attention to the higher dpi numbers, they are just marketing schemes and most pro players don’t use more than 400 or 800 dpi anyway. The tracking of Optical and Laser mouse is almost the same with no huge noticeable difference.


Size, Weight, and Ergonomics :

This is perhaps the most important characteristic to look for when buying a new gaming mouse because the sensors in gaming mice above $30 are almost the same with no significant difference. If you have large hands (Above 19 cm), you should definitely get a large sized mouse and if you between 16-19 cm hands, try to get a medium sized mouse and if your hand is below 16 cm, just try to find a small gaming mouse. Weight is also an important thing to look for when you have a gaming mouse. The general rule for buying a gaming mouse is, the lighter it is, the easier it is to move it around the mousepad so I recommend getting something under 100 gm weight. If you prefer an ambidextrous mouse which supports both left and right hand, look the SteelSeries Sensei series or zowie FK series, both are great ambidextrous mice series and if you are a right-handed mouse user, go for an ergonomic mouse (which supports only right-hand grips)


One of the Best Gaming mouse in my opinion :

I have used around 10-15 different mouse ranging from Zowie to a cheap gaming mouse, and one of the best gaming mice which I have used, in my experience was the SteelSeries Rival 600 because it has a balance of all features in a gaming mice and without talking any further let’s start with the main highlighted features of SteelSeries Rival 600.


The Great Rival 600 :

Rival 600 has won multiple “Best Gaming Mouse” awards this year and it’s safe to say that if not best, its one of the best mouse available. The Rival 600 costs about $80 USD and SteelSeries for sure knows how to deliver their audience. Rival 600 feels great in hands, combined with amazing performance and it also has many features/customization options compared to most common gaming mouses.


Design :

First thing I marked about Rival 600 is that it’s really a beautiful looking mouse. There’s a lot of RGB action going on in the mouse which can be turned off. It has a detachable cable, which can be useful if you go to LAN tournaments a lot and the cable is really thin and light.


Detachable Weights :

The SteelSeries design engineers decided to get the Rival 600’s weights customizable by allowing you to install up to 8 weights into several slots on the mouse (4 on each side). It’s up to you that where you want to make the Rival 600 heavier. Every little weight weights around 4gm letting you make your Rival 600  weight anywhere from 96g to 128g in up to 256 customization options.

rival 2

The Sensor Performance :

The Rival 600 was meant to be really accurate, there is no tracking error even when the mouse is slightly lifted above the mousepad, the TrueMove 3 and the secondary lift sensor really plays a great role in this and it can even be programmed to activate at a custom height. There’s no sensor inaccuracy even in the tilt slam test. Thanks to the Truemove 3, one of the best sensor available for the mouse on this planet.


Software :

SteelSeries has played a good role in developing the SteelSeries engine. From SteelSeries Engine, you can control all the SteelSeries devices connected to PC. It’s possible to customize all the buttons including the scroll wheel to assign them to different tasks. You can switch between two dpi configurations using the DPI button. It’s possible to control the RGB illumination from this software. You can create really good custom macros. Besides that, you can change the lift-off distance, the polling rate, acceleration, deceleration, and also angle snapping.


Final Verdict :

A thing to keep in your mind while purchasing a gaming mouse is, that there’s no such thing as a perfect gaming mouse. Every mouse has a different shape, weight, and grip. And Rival 600 has an in the balance between all those things. It’s also really comfortable, affordable and provides a good grip. However, the mouse is a largely sized mice, so its recommended for people with over 16 cm to 22 cm hands.

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