It was not long ago that an average 90s kid would want some pocket money to spend on a quick hour of a gaming session at their local gaming zone or play a friendly match versus their school friends and watch some high-tier counter-strike 1.6 being played by some of the best players in Pakistan at zones like Playdium that used to be a fan favourite back in the day. However, with the end of the Playdium cafes, it felt as if the hype of playing at a gaming zone and the adrenaline that came with it sort of went under the radar. It’s only quite recently that people have started to get back into trusting gaming zones to provide more than just an average gaming experience. We at PGRepublic will be doing a feature series that will go over some of the Best Gaming Zones in Pakistan that you must visit at least once in Pakistan if you’re either an esport fanatic or even a casual PC/Console gamer.

Portal – Premium Gaming Experience Lahore is one of these such names that has amassed it’s popularity thanks to their highly successful DOTA and CSGO teams and their state of the art gaming zone situated in DHA Lahore. Portal set out the trend of incorporating high-end gaming PCs featuring i7s and GTX 1080s as compared to the norm of having an entry level i5 paired with a GTX 1050/1050Ti. With the facility being one of the most highly regarded in terms of quality and being certainly the best that Lahore has to offer we will be going over the basics and what Portal – Premium Gaming Experience has to offer a gamer and what someone should expect in terms of the setup, pricing and the general overall experience a customer/gamer can expect.

The Setup

Portal – Premium Gaming Experience is designed in such a manner that it caters to both esports fanatics and casual PC and Console gamers and makes sure that all of their respective needs are met. If we were to divide Portal into parts of their target gamers we can look at the PC area for casual/semi competitive gamers and then move on to the Match Rooms which I have been told features soundproofing technology to make sure that esports events and tournaments can be played at the player’s full potential. There is a dedicated console area and a VR setup for some casual gamers that would like to have some fun or even if you aren’t a hardcore gamer you can bring along some of your friends as good outing venue as well.

PC Specifications

  • Processor: i7 7700k
  • Graphics: GTX 1080
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Monitor/LED: Zowie 24″ XL2411P 1920×1080 @144Hz & Zowie 27″ XL2740 1920×1080 @240Hz
  • Mouse: Logitech G502
  • Keyboard: Bloody B720 & B820R Mechanical Keyboards
  • Headset: Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma v2
  • Chair: DXRacer Gaming Chair


The Console Setup includes a PlayStation 4 Pro with 4k supported screens in 27″ for a 5v5 setup and 55″ screens for double player games like Fifa,Tekken and Street Fighter. For your VR experience Portal has an HTC Vive and PlayStation 4 Pro VR setup as well.


There are plenty of Gaming Zones in Pakistan that are following Portal – Premium Gaming Experience and shifting their focus towards providing a more premium gaming experience on high-end PCs rather than the generic PC setups that gaming zones have been following all these years. It is safe to say that Portal is the best gaming zone in Lahore and they can be considered the pioneers in providing a truly premium gaming experience to its customers. Its impressive to see that investors are taking an interest in the Gaming industry in Pakistan and providing a solid platform for players to showcase and nurture their talent. PGRepublic would like to make sure that these efforts do not go in vain and the Gaming Zones that are striving so hard to bring such great avenues to gamers, get the limelight they deserve. For this reason PGRepublic will be going over all the best Gaming Zones you should visit in Pakistan.

About Portal – Premium Gaming Experience Lahore

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