The Culling

Remember the Battle Royale called The Culling which was released on March 4, 2016? Well, the Culling’s developer, Xaviant has announced that the game will shut down in May. However, the offline mode will be still available after that date but the Battle Royale and offline features will close.

Sadly, the reasoning behind Xaviant’s decision of closing the Battle Royale is that the player count was really low which lead to problems because you need money to run online servers and maintain them. Xaviant also announced that if any team is interested in making something of The Culling, then they are more than welcome.

You may ask of the reason behind the downfall of The Culling, well it was because of a bad update which made the game unplayable and many players complained and asked the developers to revert the update to the older version. But, it was too late because they reverted the update after a long time so the players had already moved on and the player count remained low.

Xaviant wrote on the blog post.

The Culling has had a wild ride. Since the game’s original launch in March of 2016, more than 3 million of you have tested your resolve on the island, with nearly half that number joining the fray since The Culling: Origins became free to play on Xbox One last November.

The game’s servers have run continuously (with the stray outage here and there) for three years, but the time has come for us to announce that we will be taking The Culling offline on May 15th, 2019. While The Culling’s offline modes will remain available after that date, online play and associated features will not. To that end, the game’s store pages and in-app purchases will be disabled as soon as possible.

Hopefully, another team can take The Culling off Xaviant’s hands and make it better. For now, you can still play but it’s no use since the player count is next to none.

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