A sequel to The Division has been officially confirmed by Ubisoft, titled as The Division 2. Ubisoft revealed and confirmed The Division 2 in a livestream that it’s under development. Ubisoft also confirmed that The Division 2 is being developed by the same primary studios as the first installment of the game, which includes Red Storm, Massive Entertainment, and Ubisoft Reflections. You will be able to transfer some progress from the original game to The Division 2 somehow, yet it’s not clear how that will work. Ubisoft didn’t share any more details. Ubisoft says that a full review will be coming at E3 2018.

Ubisoft seems prepared to announce The Division 2, two years later after the first installment. There are very few details of the game at this point, but we do know that it’s under development at the same studio as the first installment, Massive Entertainment.

News of The Division 2 first leaked through 4-traders, a website, they published a blog post by creative director Julian Gerighty. As it was seemingly doubtful, an image was discovered on Ubisoft’s website showing The Division 2’s logo.

Although it’s not a big surprise that Ubisoft decided to continue The Division. As the first installment was criticized by many people at its launch, Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft have carefully worked to address complaints in the last two years. This past December the 1.8 update was released, in particular, was praised as a highlight for its sweeping improvements–all of this came for free. The game also acquired two paid DLC expansions.


This image shows the logo of The Division 2.
Source: cdn.com


Ubisoft also announced alongside the news of a sequel that support will not end for the first installment. Global events are on the way for future title updates, like the Xbox One X patch to support 4K resolution which is coming in April. The game will receive something called Crests, which are achievements that will be unlocking some rewards in The Division 2.

It seems like a safe assumption that The Division 2 will be releasing for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. There’s no word on any other details or platforms yet. We will get back to you as more information is shared.