The Division 2 has been released for a long time now, and players have already cracked many cyphers, that are located around Washington D.C revealing the locations of Elite Hunters and Masks. But apparently, there are still some secrets that have yet to be discovered by players. Moreover, Creative director of Red Storm Terry Spier told GameInformer: “When I go down the checklist, there’s still a couple.”

The Division 2 is now a game with plenty of Easter Eggs and hidden secrets. However, Players have found pretty cool stuff, including hidden rooms and secrets around Washington D.C. So, While those who have been busy finding secrets, it seems like work isn’t over yet. There are still a couple of secrets left, according to Terry Spier. So, if you are looking for the remaining secrets, then cast your eye about and see if you can find something that other players may have overlooked. However, if you want to buy The Division 2, Click here.

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