Sony’s latest and greatest game The Last Of Us Part 2 continues to strive. The game recently became the fastest-selling PS4 Exclusive. Similarly, it also helped Sony beat Nintendo Sales in the UK during June.

Today, we have similar news, as research firm NDP Grop announces that The Last Of Us Part 2 is now Sony’s second-biggest US Launch ever. According to the research, the game just falls short of Spider-Man’s record sales during the first month. There is a bit of gimmick to the competition. In other words, The Last Of Us Part 2 sales were only recorded for the first 16 days, due to some problems. However, Spider-Man ones were recorded for 30 days in September 2018, therefore proving that competition isn’t fair.

The Last Of Us Part 2 sold more than 4 million copies worldwide in its initial days of release. The game had a controversial beginning and past. Despite that, it seems that Naughty Dog’s game isn’t stopping. Many people have argued that The Last Of Us Part 2 sales will drop in the coming months because during start many game reviewers misled consumers.

This theory comes from the first-month user reviews on The Last Of Us Part 2. Nearly all, game reviewers gave the game a solid 9/10 or 10/10, while the user reviews on major sites like meta critic showed ratings below 5.0 from buyers. Anyhow, all we know is that The Last Of Us Part 2 isn’t stopping. The game might lose sales in the coming months, but it won’t belong. That is to say, the game is getting a Season, and like The Witcher 3 Sales. This one will also be revived. We’ll see about that.

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