Various gameplay videos of Last of Us 2 have been shared on social Media. They are quickly being taken by YouTube, however, the majority of sites still have it. The gameplay pictures show a lot of details from the story and tons of spoilers.

We already know that Last of Us 2 was delayed from April to May. Now, the game has no release date because Naughty Dog said Coronavirus has further delayed their game.

Naughty Dog wrote that they are unable to cope with logistical issues. Naughty Dog most likely did not want to face the criticism, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy franchises faced, because of the Digital and Physical copies delay. They wanted everyone to get the game at the same time, so it could “preserve the best experience for everyone”.

Coming to spoilers, skip if you don’t want them.

The leaked clips have given us more insight into Ellie’s relationship with Dina. Along that, there is also a list of levels, which suggested that Last of Us 2 will allow players to switch roles in mid game.

“You play the first half of the game as Ellie and the second half as Abby (the character featured in the PGW 2017 trailer played by Laura Bailey)
Proof: The leaked level list divides the game’s levels between Ellie’s levels and Abby’s levels if you take a look to the left.”

Last of Us Part 2

This is similar to GTA V, and players will see different perspectives. Lastly, the game screenshots have dates, that suggest that access to these leaks happened in February and March.

More intensive spoilers

Well, the spoilers get really worse, as their are things like ending’s also leaked. More spoilers suggest that the game will allow you fighting Ellie from the perspective of Abby. There is also more story to Dina and Ellie trying to start a family, and Joel’s death. The spoilers have literally leaked all the game story from base to end, hence be warned before checking them out.

Naughty Dog has not commented on the leaks, and the people who got access to this data are not identified yet. Furthermore, fans are quite unhappy with the game’s sad ending, and they are already debating weather they should purchase Last of Us Part 2 or not. Last of Us Part 2 previous release date of May 29 does not exist anymore, because Naughty Dog delayed it until further announcements.

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