Last month, The Last of Us Part 2 in-depth Gameplay was leaked, after which massive online riots were held against the upcoming game. The leak showed a lot of details from the upcoming game, and the overall ending was very disappointing.

Neil Druckman commented on those leaks and said he was “heartbroken” when he heard about the leaks. However, he assured that the game will be totally worth it, and do not judge it based on the leaks.

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In a very recent Interview, Niel Druckmann confirmed that the real ending of The Last of Us Part 2 has not been shared online. This is very good news because this proves that all those endings were fake and the disappointment was not wise.

“There’s all these theories about what the ending is but the ending is not out there. You actually don’t know how it all comes together,” he told Eurogamer.

“There’s so many false things out there,” he added. “We don’t want to go out there and correct anything because that would be spoiling the game in a way – by saying what it isn’t, we’re kind of saying what it is.”

Moreover, Druckmann also mentioned that previously The Last of Us and Uncharted 4 leaks happened. However, they had nothing to do with gameplay, and playing a game is incomparable. Moreover, he also said that Naughty Dog is confident that their upcoming title will blast in the coming months.

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“Nothing compares to being Ellie and feeling those moments, not just in cutscenes, but in gameplay, conversations, the music and the emotional effect that has on you,” he said.

“And the story was constructed in such a way that it’s really not about twists and turns. It’s about slowly ratcheting the crank and feeling the tension with the choices the characters make.

“So okay, it sucks. But we know once people get their hands on it, they’re going to feel what it is we’re after whether they’ve seen it or not, and that’s that’s what made us confident.”

We recently heard that the Last of Us Part 2 won’t be released in the Middle East, because it contains nudity. Similarly, culprits involved in The Last of Us Part 2 were also identified, but they were not related to any organization. The game itself recently got interviewed by many sites, and it seems that it’ll be a fantastic game.

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