The Last Of Us Part 2 Reputation has taken a quick tide. The game which was being super hyped for the past few days is now going downhill. A Controversy has begun, which is now circled around Game Reviewers that they were being paid for fake reviews. If you don’t know, well The Last Of Us Part 2 was rated by every other popular Game Site, 10/10. Fans wondered how good the game will be.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Paid Reviews

Well, it turns out that the user reviews are totally opposite. The User Reviews have rounded below to 5. Most of the sites, that gather user reviews display it below 5. Some sites that rated the game themselve 10, have their user reviews circled to 5 or below it.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Paid Reviews

A Popular Industry person Alanah Pierce further shared insights into the gaming industry. According to her, most of the game reviewers are paid for reviews. Similarly, their relations with game publishers are very compact. Suppose, they say negative things about their game, the relation is very disturbed.

Popular Sites gave The Last Of Us Part 2 10/10 rating, and now that the User Reviews are out. People have started to question if paid reviews were being handed out by Naughty Dog. I think it is quite true, that paid reviews must have happened. There is no reason, why fans would defame the game on Amazon, Metacritic, and all other sites. The game had revived because Niel Druckerman said that the spoilers are not true. Well, it turned out to be true, and now the game looks to be a major disappointment.

Why The Rage? Spoilers ahead

Well, it starts with Joel who is killed in such a bad manner. Firstly, Joel was not supposed to be killed by some idiots. Joel was a hunter, and he was always aware of the bad people. When Naughty Dog decided to kill the main character, they took fan favorite away. If you are coming From The Last Of Us Part 1, Joel’s death looks idiotic. On top of that, how did Ellie let Aurie get away with the killing? The whole thing does not add up well.

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