Apple’s famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo declared that Apple will further improve the Face ID upgrade in the next years iPhone. Apple’s 3rd iPhone model for 2018, the iPhone XR, was recently released, but the rumors have already started for the 2019 iPhone model. Ming-Chi Kuo also added that Apple is working on an improved Face ID camera system.


The FaceID of 2019s iPhone will come with a more strong flood illuminator and according to Ming-Chui Koi, the new Face ID will improve facial identification technology by minimizing the influence of visible lights of the environment from user’s surroundings. Ming-Chi Kuo’s statement also hints that Apple might add an extra range-sensing system in its 2019 or 2020 models. This kind of sensor measures time in which a light dot moves within the camera and subject, and could be utilized to achieve 3D images. The system could probably also be utilized for augmented reality experiences or to enhance the image quality of 3D Image.


Ming-Chi Kuo also added that the improved Face ID sensor will be implemented in all 2019 iPhones, which will accompany this year’s lineup of one LCD iPhone and two OLED’s one. On the other hands, reports also say the next year’s iPhone may remove the 3D Touch technology. The combination of more than two camera lenses and the notch might possibly get removed in the next iPhones.


It also looks like the 5G technology won’t appear for the next years iPhones. Another statement also declared that Apple has taken Intel’s support to provide the modem for first 5G iPhone, which is declared to launch in 2020.

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