Restricting Third-party Wireless Chargers :

Google has always certified the rights of users and the universal standards, but this time around with the new Pixel Stand wireless charger, which costs around $79, Google has decided to restrict all other non-certified wireless chargers to only work at 5-watt speed with the Pixel 3 lineup, while the certified Pixel Stand wireless charger charges at around 10-watt speed. Despite the Pixel 3 line supporting the Qi wireless power transfer model utilized by different companies. Pixel 3 line demands a “secure handshake” to charge at 10 watts, and the process required isn’t supported by various chargers. For other wireless chargers to work with Pixel 3 line at full 10-watt speed, they have to be certified by the made-for-google program.


November’s OTA Update :

The November’s update fixes the bug that Pixel 3 still displays a message saying “charging rapidly” even when charging with a third-party charger while still charging at a slower speed. Many users didn’t even recognize that their Pixel 3’s aren’t even fast charging with the third-party chargers at first. The Pixel 3’s displayed “Charging rapidly” on both the lock screen and the ambient display dock when connected to a third-party charger while still charging at 5W. This is the same message for the Pixel Stand wireless charger which charges at 10-watt. This made a confusion among the Pixel 3 users, but it was still a problem, which is now fixed and now it shows “charging slowly” instead of “charging rapidly” when wireless charging with the third-party chargers.


The Pixel Stand wireless charger :

Finally, Google verified that the Pixel Stand supports the other Qi-charge certified devices, but it only chargers them at a slower 5-watt speed. So a Pixel Stand isn’t going to charge your QI-charge certificated device at a full 10-watt speed.



Third-party chargers support :

The Pixel Stand is priced at around $79 and it comes with features such as a digital photo frame or Google assistant, you still have to pay a premium price for the Pixel Stand as compared to other third-party chargers which can cost as less as $15. Recently, Belkin charger had an upcoming model mentioning “Google’s 10W proprietary wireless charging technology.” which seemed to be the only other authorized accessory listed till yet and has a price-tag of $59. While the other Qi-charge certified devices widely support fast-charging rates greater than 5 watts with cross-compatibility for chargers.