Remo Technology at CES 2019 has recently revealed an AI controlled camera called the Obsbot Tail. The Obsbot Tail isn’t a typical camera as it has many features that make it stand out. The Obsbot Tail uses three-axis gimbal which lets it rotate in 360 degrees to follow a subject. The AI controlled camera can lock on a person by just tapping on them. Now, you may ask what happens if there is a group of people? Well, the Obsbot can differentiate between subjects, and it has a lock on feature that makes it follow the selected person even if there are many people.

The Osbot Tail has a 12 megapixels camera with 3.5x zoom, and it can shoot videos in 60FPS at 4K. The camera uses a HiSilicon Hi3559A processor, which the company claims is much more powerful and it is power efficient. The battery life is decent as well which can power the Obsbot for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The release date and price for the Obsbot Tail has not been confirmed yet as it is still in development and the company is going to launch a Kickstarter on January 15th. Overall, it is a very cool product, and we hope that it sees the light of day.

You can check out Obsbot’s video.

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