Release Date: 2019
Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

When you first look at The Outer Worlds, it might remind you a lot of the Fallout series that is because the developers of the original Fallout are developing it. But, Obsidian has developed a lot of great games, and we won’t be expecting anything less from The Outer Worlds. Moving on, the storyline is exciting because the protagonist gets lost on a ship which results in him/her being in a cryosleep for seventy years. A scientist manages to wake the protagonist from cryosleep and asks him/her for help in waking the other humans as well. Now, since its an RPG you can choose whether to help the scientist in his cause or turn him in. There are two planets where you can go one is terraformed and contains many humans the other is not that well terraformed and contains alien species.

The Outer World

The game is a semi-open world which means that there are some parts where you can explore freely. The world is divided into parts, and each of the parts will include their level of enemies and loot. A different authority controls each part, and you have full control over how you play. Just like Fallout you can create your own character and customize the perks, skills, and flaws. Similar to every RPG, you will have six main skill trees that are Intelligence, Sneak, Speech, and more. Moving on, you can also change your character’s appearance, but that is pointless because unfortunately, the game is only in first-person and the only time you would see your character is on the menu. The Combat system is also a lot similar to Fallout, you will have the ability to slow down time and shoot your enemies, but you will have to aim yourself.

Check out the trailer for The Outer Worlds below.


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