Apple is likely to release the iPhone 11 soon in fall of this year (2019), the most awaited gadget. While there are no any official updates from Apple, it is just a piece of gossip, just giving us an impression that what we should expect from iPhone 11.

Let me first tell you about is releasing month, so according to past trends of iPhone 11, Apple would be advertising its next iPhone in September 2019 in an event along with Apple Watch Series 5. iPhone 11 will be on sale soon after 2 weeks from the date it would be released. The iPhone Upgrade Program is an affordable way that will always make you feel satisfied and will keep you upgraded about latest iPhone every year.

Users must be eager to know about its features and price. So let me inform you about its price and its storage capacity, so the iPhone 11 is most likely to have a payment figure similar like iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, is expected to start from $999, storage capacity would start from 64GB with a secondary choice for 256GB and 512 GB, though 1 TB is not being expected this year. It is really engaging to now that if Apple would release a low cost iPhone this year (comparable to the XR), then price will be starting from $749 and will increase according to additional storage.

It is assumed that iPhone 11 will ship with IOS 13, which would be announced at WWDC 2019. According to the rumor, Apple will ship two new iPhone models with 6.1 inch and 6 .5 inch OLED displays. The most interesting thing is that triple camera system will also be introduced this time. The Wall Street Journal disclosed that Apple’s flagship 2019 will have qualities of three models including OLED and 1 LCD variant. Rumors are pointing to a dramatic change to Apple’s camera design that is actually most stimulating quality about upcoming iPhone 11 and users must be curious to know that what’s different in camera’s feature. The high-end iPhone 11 Max will be featuring triple rear camera system which is the most exciting thing. Another thing about which users would be waiting for is that the successor to the iPhone XR, with LCD screen panel, will be enhanced from a single rear lens to a dual-camera system. The triple system featured in this render from last few days, which would be based on iPhone 11 features.

The Wall Street Journal says that new camera’s features will be remarkable part of 2019 flagship iPhones. It is just being referred as ‘iPhone 11’ for just directness, but final market names are still not announced and obviously won’t be familiar with users until much closer to September.

The iPhone may also get an major rise in battery life the reverse wireless charging feature touted by Samsung and Huawei.

Effective camera changes in iPhone 11?

However, it seems like 5.8-inch iPhone 11 will not be receiving gripping camera changes as it will be sticking to dual-camera system. The three-camera module seems to be reserved for the great and extortionate phone. Marks Gurman from Bloomberg is also reporting about triple camera system of iPhones. Other stimulating thing is that it’s third camera on the high end models will have an ultra-wide-angle lens to produce an effective, larger and productive images. It will also let us a broader range of zoom. Apple is also working on auto-correction feature to fit people back into a picture who were accidently cut out, which is really most thrilling feature. The second camera on the new XR model will have boosted zoom as well.

Finally, it’s hearsay that iPhone will ship with intimate feature to Samsung’s PowerShare where it can wirelessly charge an Apple Watch or AirPods.

TF International Securities Ming Chi Kuo first predicted that Apple’s 2019 flagship iPhones would be working with bidirectional wireless charging, before Samsung launched its galaxy S10 line with Wireless PowerShare.

The design backs up past unconfirmed rumblings suggesting the iPhone 11 will have a revised camera system that’s housed in a rather ugly looking bump protruding from the phone’s back. The rumor first in January when serial leaker OnLeaks reported receiving a tip that the iPhone 11 will have a triple camera setup, like the one detailed in the case render.

Macotakara theorize that AirPods wireless charging case may also be suitable with the wireless charging property of iPhone 11. The design is that the iPhone battery is large to share power with an Apple watch and AirPods case in a pinch with any cables involved .

The iPhone 11 has suffered yet another leak which reported that iPhone 11 will be packed with a new charging cable, but it won’t switch to USB-C for the charging port. Report also says that Apple may bundle the new USB brick that ships with the iPad Pro and is now being sold individually.

As the camera is a sustained source of notion as it is basically the main feature of having the latest phone. In the recent report, it is speculated that front camera will go from 7 to 12 megapixels. The camera would also be changing existing 4 element lens to a 5 element lens component which is really engrossing quality. The new front camera will be included on all three 2019 iPhones, including ‘XR 2’ or whatever that model would be called.

We believe that screen size will remain same for 2019 phones but it’s gossips that it would be changed by upcoming year 2020.

The three 2020 iPhones will reportedly come in new screen sizes: 5.42-inch, 6.06-inch and 6.67-inch diagonally.

Apple is sticking with a 7nm process, as 5nm won’t be ready in time, but EUV should allow about 20% more circuitry in the same area. Couple that to the larger chip size expected, says Cross, and you get something with the same kind of transistor count as the latest iPad Pro models.

We will further inform you about iPhone 11 as the new detail reaches us so stay tuned.

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