After the massive success of The Witcher Show, Netflix has now announced a prequel to the series. The presequel is being described as The Witcher: Blood Origins and Hissrich is taking the responsibility of this project as well.

In a Twitter post, Netflix tweeted “1200 years before Geralt of Rivia, the worlds of monsters, men and elves merged into one, and the first Witcher came to be. Announcing The Witcher: Blood Origin, a 6 part live-action The Witcher spin-off series from Declan de Barra and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich.”

Hissrich also acknowledged the tweet, and said that it was the toughest secret to keep. Likewise, fans will now get a deeper look at the Witcher World and explore its beginings.

“This has been the toughest secret to keep! I’ve always wanted to dive deeper into the myth and lore of the Continent, and now fans will have a chance to explore it with @declandebarra in a prequel series, THE WITCHER: BLOOD ORIGIN. Elves, and enemies, and the end, oh my…”

Moreover, everyone was questioning Hissrich about if Andrzej Sapkowski is part of the project, and she replied “Hell yes”. Well, without Andrzej, how can someone possibly think of a Witcher show. The Witcher Netflix Series was very successful and completely revived the Witcher Games. During its peak, we saw a more than 100% increase in Witcher 3 sales, and along with that, the book’s demand had also increased.

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