The tech universe has entered in an era where, besides the competency of the hardware, the visual appeal also has a say in the quality of the product. Thermaltake has been on a delightful journey providing us with numerous computer hardware like power supplies, cooling solutions, chassis, peripherals & other accessories. Previously we’ve had the opportunity to review their PSU: Smart RGB 700W and their mouse. This time around we are tasked to shed light on their sunning and sublime chassis, Thermaltake View 22 Tempered Glass Edition Mid Tower Chassis. View 22 is the obvious display of sheer finesse by the Thermaltake engineers. They have entertained us with a golden opportunity to review Thermaltake View 22. It has a black body with a neat 4mm thick tempered glass on one side from where you can see the interior which is neatly and arranged. The curved front panel is made of black transparent plastic which appears black but once you attach the RGB fans behind it, it will give you a beautiful front view as you can observe in the image.

let me briefly introduce you the different aspects and secrets it holds, it has a preinstalled rear 120 mm fan, built-in PSU cover for a better cable management. And of course, why wouldn’t it support the latest graphics cards and other latest hardware, after all, it is the cornerstone of a good chassis.


Case TypeMid Tower
Dimension (H x W x D)467 x 223 x 491 mm
(18.4 x 8.8 x 19.3 inch)
Net Weight6.95 kg / 15.32 lb
Side Panel4mm Tempered Glass x 1 (Left)
ColorExterior & Interior : Black
Cooling SystemRear (exhaust) :
120 x 120 x 25 mm fan (1000rpm, 16dBA)
Drive Bays
2 x 2.5’’ (HDD Bracket)
2 x 3.5’’ or 2 x 2.5’’ (HDD Tray)
Expansion Slots7
Motherboards6.7” x 6.7” (Mini ITX), 9.6” x 9.6” (Micro ATX), 12” x 9.6” (ATX)
I/O PortUSB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1
PSUStandard PS2 PSU (optional)
Fan SupportFront:
3 x 120mm , 2 x 140mm
3 x 120mm , 2 x 140mm
1 x 120mm
Radiator SupportFront:
1 x 360mm , 1 x 280mm
1 x 360mm , 1 x 280mm
1 x 120mm
ClearanceCPU cooler height limitation: 160mm
VGA length limitation: 400mm
PSU length limitation: 160mm



It comes in a cardboard box, the front of the box has an image of View 22, Thermaltake logo on the top left. While the back of the box has an image of disintegrated View 22 providing a general view of all the parts that make up this chassis. And obviously, a Thermaltake logo on top left corner and the name of Chassis can be seen.

one side of the box provides you the information regarding the connections (USBs, etc), expansion and support (ATX & PSU liquid cooling solutions) in different languages. There is also an icon indicative of the fragile upper portion of the box, you might want to be careful with that.


The other side of the box is the most informative part describing the detailed specifications and dimensions of View 22, make sure to take look at this before opening the box. Let me write down all the specifications here

If we take a look from above, we can gather that there is Tempered Glass inside the box along with another Thermaltake name logo.


Let us now get on with the unboxing. Both ends of chassis are protected by styrofoam to shield the body against shock and trauma.

We can finally take a closer look at the black beast after stripping it off the plastic wrapping. I must say the neat Black color is appealing as hell! As per the norm, there is an instruction manual and a plastic envelope containing all the screws and tools to bring together all the parts of chassis.

Closer look: 

Time to explore the View 22 more closely. First off, let’s take a look at the wavy black front panel once we remove the plastic covering from it. Personally, I love the looks of it, they gave it a beautiful curvature which will definitely be appealing to most of the people. It comes off easily and is pretty light.

Front panel contains vents for fans intake. these intakes will be only place from where fans will be taking air into the system.


The right side of the chassis is the plain block of the removable cover. As seen clearly in this image, Front panel contains the vents for air intake.



After removing the front panel we can see three mounts available for 360mm or 280 mm radiators and the glowing RGB fans which will give off a lighting effect through the transparent front panel. They’ve inscribed that you can put a 140mm or 280mm radiator on the front, I’ve tried to adjust 280mm radiator but unfortunately failed to properly adjust it there, it was slightly oversized for the cutout.


The roof has a power button, two 3.0 USB ports, earphone and mike jacks and a reset button. One perky feature on the roof is the removable magnetic dust filter, you can easily remove it, rinse it and put it back. Once you remove the dust filter, there is mount supportive for 360 and 280 mm radiators, comparatively larger radiators can be placed here.


Let’s take a look inside now. There is a huge cutout/opening in the middle, this is the backplate support for the processors. Below that, the motherboard tray which supports ATX, micro ATX and ETX. Further down, we can observe cutouts for a couple of removable 2.5 inches hard drive brackets above the PSU shroud. They have provided similar cutouts or mounts just behind the front panel as well. Interestingly, they have provided us with a shroud for PSU allowing a cleaner and neat partition for power supply.

The rear view shows us the only preinstalled 120mm fan. Below that we can see 6 PCIe cutouts with moveable bracket for convenient take out of PCIe devices and stuff like that. A cutout for the power supply in the bottom.

Moving the chassis to the other side, we have a lot of space to station PSUs supporting up to 180mm. In front of that we have two hard drive trays which supports two 3.5 inch hard drives and two 2.5 inch hard drives as well, so, it can mount a maximum of four 2.5 inch hard drives two 3.5 inch hard drives.

Now if you take a closer look above that you’ll notice a concavity giving a narrow opening into the body. This for easier passage of PSU cables to the motherboard, this is a fine addition for the cable management. Also, we can find the 3.5 inch Drive brackets on the side of PSU slot.


They applied a neat trick to this hard drive tray by making it shiftable by four screws below it.  You can push it anteriorly to make more space for the power supply. Those who want to attach fans, which occupy lesser space, in front of the hard drive trays, they can definitely use this feature.



The Thermaltake View 22 MidTower Chassis is available for $64.98 on Amazon as of now. In Pakistan, it is available at a cheaper price at 7500 PKR on ShingPoint. Huge shoutout to Thermaltake for sending us the review sample.

This is a heartening sweet budget deal for View 22 with a plethora of clever features. it is chalked up build with more than substantial space to house radiators, fans, hard drives as per your requirements. Neatness and a comfortable view is certainly the cornerstone for this chassis, they efficiently designed the body to route the cables without any mess from PSU to the motherboard, graphics card, and hard drives. If you into installing more cooling systems it has the all the space for you to populate the body with chiller beasts.

It is a seamless work of art by Thermaltake, except few points in need of a notice like the cutouts on the front panel for optical drives which get shrouded by the front panel, which makes it pointless. Another mild point to of note is the screw holes for the front bottom fan are little hard to reach, Fitting the fan on the bottom can be hectic for some novice PC builders. Building this amazing system will definitely be a great joy with letter-perfect interior easily intelligible for even a novice. Thermaltake View 22 is available