The Far Cry Campaign

If we go back in the golden era, the first Far Cry was released back in 2004. The first part of the game was a great success, with sales above 730,000 units after four months of release. Still, to this day, people play Far Cry 1 because they just love to experience the nostalgic greatness of this game. Then the sequel, Far Cry 2 came and so on, constantly dominating the open-world first-person-shooter genre of games. Graphically the game has been the best, always, with realistic outdoor spaces with large viewing distances, which is a unique feature and an invention of the Far Cry campaign.

Far Cry 5

Today, we just got blessed with yet another open-world first-person shooter masterpiece from Ubisoft, and this time it looks like Ubisoft is going to break the records because this game has so many things to explore. It’s almost unbelievable how far we’ve came in the gaming industry, with almost life-like graphics.

Far Cry 5 is based on a religious death cult in the mountain regions of Montana. You play the nameless “deputy” hero of Hope County who will lead the people in a fight against the violent Project at Eden’s Gate. Joseph Seed, who is known as “The Father” by the PEGies, is a prophetic figure who fits Ubisoft’s Far Cry-villain mold of an aggressive madman who wants you to agonize in pain.

The “Prepper Stash”

Image Credit: Polygon

In Far Cry 5 Ubisoft introduced a new form of weapon hunt, with concealed stores of weapons and other useful stuff all over the map hidden for you to explore them. Because every other person in Montana is a prepper just waiting for the economic collapse. However, Ubisoft could have made the stash hunt better in the game with just giving players a hint about the location and then having players go track those spots down. Ubisoft created unique locations with bespoke puzzles that make each one of these treasure troves exciting to find and engage with.

Far Cry 5 involves a very, very good dog

The first thing you must do is to unlock all three animal companions (the locations of each one can be found on the menu) and then spend perk points on the ability to travel with a second hired gun. You’re now ready to play the game in what I call Beast Mode. Your animal companion will help you advance through missions with ease, animal buddies will also run over and lick and nuzzle you back to life if you need to be revived. They are your friends forever. The animal interaction in this game is just amazing and unique when compared to other open world games


The first-person shooter title has an astonishing contrast to activities in which players can take part at any time. You can take on story missions, you can fly, attend stunt races, you can go fly fishing, or you can go track down hidden stashes of weapons and other items. The graphics are eye-catching as always, with the amazing realistic world, true to life terrain, grass. Everything is just perfect, we can surely say that the game is next-gen.

Performance Analysis

Far Cry 5 is built on the Dunia Engine. Dunia engine has been a great success for the game since Far Cry 2.

Here are the early performance analysis done by

Test Bench:

  • Core i7-7700K overclocked to 4.8GHz
  • 16GB Geil Evo X 3200MHz DDR4
  • ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming
  • Sandisk SSD Plus 120GB system drive
  • Crucial M4 512GB games drive
  • Fractal Celsius S24 CPU liquid cooler
  • Seasonic Prime 1000W Platinum

1080p Benchmarks


1440p Benchmarks


4k Benchmarks


Taking a look at the benchmarks, it seems like the game is well optimized and can run smoothly on current mid-range or even budget oriented PC’s considering the fact that a GPU like Gtx 950 is even able to play this game at Ultra 1080p above 30fps. Props goes to Ubisoft for this.

It’s only a matter of time, we’ll be pushing out the complete review of the game soon enough. Stay updated!