Some months ago, I wrote about the insane revenue generated by Minecraft, despite it being released so many years ago. The main reason and science behind this increase of constant traffic in Minecraft stats were simple. Minecraft is an endless game, there are thousands of things you can do, and it’ll never fail to astonish you. It was made in a way, where players can utilize the full end of their creativity, and the game does not fail to deliver it.

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Today we have evidence that anything is possible in Minecraft. A group of students known as The Floo Network spent nearly 4 years to make a Minecraft Map, that is a Harry Potter RPG. This team of four creative youngsters spent much of the time designing these objects and making an exact replica of Harry Potter.

This is a piece of mastery. Everything is made an exact Replica, and this looks so good. You can clearly see the long dining tables with candles in the air, and there are the exact teachers from the movie too. If you look closely, there is Hagride along Dumbledore with Snape sitting. These gentlemen have also made spells a possibility. Furthermore, all iconic places from the film are also made, like I said this is a very exact version of Harry Potter, and there is nothing missing, as far I can see.

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Well, to be honest, it looks such fun, because this game could be a new game itself. There is clearly evident in the trailer, that students are at a train stop, which means they are traveling to Hogwarts, and this is where I think the game will start. Additionally, I have a question in mind, will all players who start from New Game will experience what Harry Potter did in the film because you can see there is the bridge where Harry talks to his uncle, the iconic Double Decker Bus, which can do anything on Road, and many other places.

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Well, apart from this I also have other questions, but let us wait till this map is released this month. Furthermore, The Floo Network was generous, and they have decided that it’ll be completely free. These modders have contributed their life to this map, and some donations through Patreon won’t hurt.

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