Epic Games Store has two new free games this week; however, the second free game is This War of Mine taking the place of Limbo alongside Moonlighter.

As you all know that Epic Games Store is giving away a free game every week throughout the whole year. However, two games are free for this week. This War of Mine is the second free game to grab this week on Epic Games Store and will remain free until August 2, 2019. This War of Mine is a war survival video game which is developed by 11 bit studios. You will have to make life-and-death decisions. You won’t be playing this game with an elite soldier but rather as civilians trying to survive during the war. You won’t be able to leave your compound in the day because of hidden snipers outside.

Players will be forced to strengthen their hideout by trading and by taking care of the other civilians in your group. Moreover, lack of medicine and food with snipers aiming at you will provide a perfect angle of war never seen in any other game. The original price of This War of Mine on Steam is $19.99, and you can get it for absolutely free. Click here, if you want to get yourself a free copy of this game. This War of Mine will be free on Epic Games Store from July 25 to August 2, 2019. You can watch the trailer to get an idea about the game.

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