Eximious is a new and uprising eSports organization made to support and promote Pakistan’s gaming talents.

Esports has always been held back in Pakistan due to some major issues coming from the government not supporting the young talent of gamers, the poor popularity of Pakistan internationally, internet speeds and latencies play a big role when it comes to eSports, and in Pakistan, it is not on par with the international standards.

In these crucial times, Eximious eSports was the only eSports organization who managed to make it to the international yearly event WESG, according to the owners of Eximious Esports: “We started from zero, we had no such plans of sponsoring any players or hosting tournaments. It all happened on its own”


The journey of Eximious eSports

Dota 2 team’s boot camp session

Eximious eSports was first known as Steel eSports, an ordinary CS:GO team that was looking to create the roots towards other games such as DotA 2 and League Of Legends. As Eximious started getting attention from the public, Sapphiretech + Autechnologies sponsored the organization out of the love they had for eSports and doing something for the Pakistani gaming talent. According to the owners of Eximious, ‘We were growing slowly but what really gave us a boost was our Gold Dota team.’

The owners mentioned that “The Dota team was a part of Portal at the time but they were having disagreements with them. It was a time of need and we were offering them what they wanted. They chose to continue with us from then on. Before they signed with us as our players, we tried our best to help them on their road to APAC qualifiers WESG. When they came back we somehow arranged a boot camp with help from Gooline GZ for the WESG finals in short time and dealt with all the expenses that came with. XPG also became our sponsor in that time. Unfortunately, we couldn’t attend the finals. It’s still great that all our players consider us their family. As they call it, the Eximious Family. We have a great bonding and we couldn’t ask for more.”

Major problems that were faced by Eximious on their way to the Internationals

Getting a visa for a foreign country in Pakistan has always been a hard task, and Eximious eSports was also facing issues getting the visa for the WESG Qualifiers. At the time of the qualifiers, The team was able to get the visas with the help of a fellow gamer through Owais “Kriminal” Khattak. The owners said ‘Owais had contacts and they convinced the DG China at the ministry of foreign affairs to get us the visa.’ However, even after qualifying from the international event and beating a number of international DOTA 2 teams in the qualifiers of WESG, Eximious Gold couldn’t make it to the official event due to not getting the visa for the final event. WESG could not provide the official government letter of China and the DG China refused to take responsibility for the second time. ‘We tried getting the visa through many contacts, even some government officials but it was all in vain as we didn’t have the official government letter and the DG just wouldn’t listen to anyone on the matter. The only person that could have helped us was Khwaja Asif (Foreign Minister) at the time but we couldn’t reach him at all.’ says Mythica.

When asked if the owners of Eximious had anything in their minds to point out to the readers, They said:

“A thing to point out would be a confusion that people have: We are not affiliated with Portal. A lot of people thought that Eximious was another branch of Portal but it is not. Another thing would be that Eximious is only led by two people, Faraz Abro and Ayesha Samman. We have worked in international eSports communities and we just wanted to see the same done for Pakistan. Its why we created Eximious. To give Pakistani players the same luxury other countries have in eSports. Gaming is not yet dead in Pakistan, we here at Eximious will do our best to lead the uprise of eSports in Pakistan in the coming years.”

Even though Eximious eSports couldn’t make it to the WESG finals due to visa issues, their spirits are high and they’re already sharpening their skills for the future events to come. It was good to see how calmly the situation was handled by both the players of Eximious and the founders, and how precautions are being taken for further events.  As event organizers ourselves, we are happy to see that the local eSport is gaining more and more popularity throughout Pakistan and how we’re getting more attention from brands now. To conclude this article, I would like to thank the owners of Eximious for taking the time to answer our queries and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.