The Epic Games Store vs Steam debate has been gaining a lot of media attention and hype recently and now Tim Sweeney has decided to take a rather aggressive swing at Valve.

Even though some Steam users reportedly review bombed games for their exclusivity to the Epic Games Store, Epic Games has said that they will continue to buy exclusivity for its digital storefront. Their reasoning is that as long as the money is coming in for the developers, it does not matter to them whether they sell their game on Steam or the Epic Game Store. Epic has already targeted the developers that were responsible for plenty of Steam sales such as Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, Deep Silver and 505 Games. Timed exclusivity is also another knife in the back for Steam taking a proportion of potential sales from Valve from a time period where expected sales during the launch of a game are relatively higher.

However, there may be a twist in the tale as Tim Sweeney, CEO at Epic has said that they may drop their exclusivity deals if Valve agrees on letting publishers keep 88% of the revenues after Sweeney made a statement on Twitter. This is a topic that has been under a lot of scrutiny lately after developers are now beginning to prefer Epic Games Store over Steam because of the unfavourable and aggressive 70 30 revenue split they have been offering as compared to Epic’s 88 12.

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